The First Chris Moose

A Christmas Moosical

by Jon Hare

The First Chris Moose can be played by a cast of 6 or more, with 18 parts to go around playing the colourful creatures who Chris meets on his journey, while easily allowing for an ensemble if required.

The show covers themes of loneliness and bullying; that  our greatest strengths lie in diversity, acceptance, forgiveness and teamwork. And that everyone should dare to have a dream, no matter how impossible it may seem. 

Chris Moose - a teenage moose on his first adventure.

Mrs & Mrs Moose - his doting parents.

Brian & Maurice - the sinisterly-comical Fun Police.

Nazra, Zak & Samyan - 3 fun-loving, homeless Orangutans.

Alli Gator, Dundee & Saltie - 3 hungry crocs who run the river crossing.

William the Conker - a philosophical Evergreen tree.

Sophie - a record-breaking French snail on a mission in life.

The Lightning Crow - the rapping 'Eye in the Sky' who sees all.

Danni - a female reindeer (aka Dancer).

Dolph - a grumpy male reindeer (aka Rudolph).

Vix - Dolph's female sidekick (aka Vixen).

Santa - who surely needs no further introduction.