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Is is time to dump your great idea?

Having ideas is a brutal business.

If you’re an ideas type of person then, just as you’ll have experienced that euphoric feeling when that lightbulb sparks up in your head, I’ll bet you’ve also felt yourself slowly sinking into a pit of despair as you realise it might be time to dump your idea because no one else is interested.

For creative people, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Your idea is your baby and you want the best possible life for it. You want people to like your baby, to help it grow and to see it flourish into adulthood. No one likes to think their baby is ugly.

And just like babies have all types of parents, so ideas have all types of creatives. Some are pushy, some are well-connected, some will just wait for nature to take its course and some are just so damned naturally awesome that you know they can’t help but succeed.

So, you’ve had your idea - maybe you’ve even devoted hours to crafting and developing it. But, no matter who you talk to, how much you research and network with the right people, it’s still sat gathering dust on your shelf.

You talk to friends and family. If you’ve really been doing your homework, they invariably suggest things you’ve been trying for months, maybe even years. They’re trying to help, but it just reminds you of how something that looks easy can actually be incredibly hard.

If, like me, you follow successful people in your field on social media, you will repeatedly see them talking about how important it is to believe in your idea. How many times they were rejected but refused to give up. How they spent months almost destitute while chasing their dream, and how you shouldn’t be afraid to do the same thing if you really want it enough.

You ask yourself again and again – is it time to let it go and move on?

Perhaps you even do. You start another project and then one day, down the pub or at a party, someone asks you what you do, and it comes up again – this great idea you’ve had but never quite realised. By the time you get home, you’ve decided it’s time to give it one more shot.

Because it’s still there. Sitting in the corner, looking up at you expectantly with its big blue eyes and arms outstretched for you to lift it up and spin it around until you’re both laughing big belly laughs.

You can’t dump it. Once you’ve created it, it will always be a part of you.

But you can let it rest. You can go onto create something else, remembering that it is always there should you ever find the right time and place for it.

And no matter how successful it is, it is yours. 

You made it. You own it.

And one day, maybe it will become the next big thing.

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